A world without ‘whom’?


Confession: using ‘whom’ correctly has always foxed me and sent me rummaging for the grammar primer.  So as soon as I saw this title on the bottom shelf in my local bookshop, I had to buy it. My  language Utopia was clearly on the horizon.

Emmy Favilla, BuzzFeed copy chief,  was responsible for its style guide, which caused an uproar in editorial circles (okay, four or five people were a little perplexed) when it was published in 2014. In the Introduction, Favilla writes, ‘Communication is an art, not a science or a machine, and artistic licence is especially constructive when the internet is the medium.’ I agree wholeheartedly.

Two chapters in, I’m like, yaaass! I’ll let you know how the rest goes.

Style guides for you

P.S. You can find the BuzzFeed Style Guide here.

My own short style guide for small businesses is here.

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