Original writing. Structural editing. Detailed copyediting. Accurate proofreading

My content writing, copyediting and proofreading will help you connect with your readers

You know you should be writing original content for your business regularly, but you don’t have the time. You sit down to write a blog post or a newsletter, but the words just won’t come out right. Your AI-generated newsletter sounds impersonal, and has factual errors. You need help!

I offer writing and editing services to help you get your message out there, fast, accurate and engaging.

I’ve worked for legal compliance publisher LexisNexis, education provider Kaplan Education, Coca-Cola, Aware Super, Australian Rural Leadership Foundation, recruitment company Challenge Consulting, Clean Up Australia and a load of individual fiction and non-fiction authors.

Give me a shout if you want to stand out.

I write blogs, newsletters, reports and website copy for small to medium-sized businesses who don’t have the time or the inclination to do it for themselves. Give me your idea, a rough word count and tell me who your audience is, and I will work with you to create content that sells your product, service or idea.

Editing for style, flow and accuracy

Is grammar not your thing? English not your first language? Do you find your ideas are all there, but nothing seems to flow? Do your articles not resonate with your audience?

With my considerable editing experience I can help with all these things – and more. I’ll remove all the typos, spelling errors, grammar glitches and inconsistencies and polish your copy until it shines.

Perhaps you’ve written your book but it just won’t behave the way you’d like it to. The chapters seem to be in the wrong order,  the argument seems unclear and you’ve made so many changes you can’t keep track of them. I can wrangle it into shape before you send it off to publishers or make the huge investment in publishing it yourself.

I have lots of experience editing:

  • Legal documents for non-legal readers
  • Online learning content
  • Insurance reports
  • How-to guides
  • Newsletters
  • Blog posts
  • Magazine articles
  • Reports and whitepapers
  • Short stories
  • Novels
  • Autobiography and memoirs

“I have been writing my personal story for years on and off. It had been a rudderless project until Alison Hill stepped into my life. Alison has been able to provide amazing suggestions to improve the final draft. She has helped me achieve a more professional way of writing. I now know I can complete my book under Alison’s wise and experienced guidance.”

Karon Coombs, October 2018

Karon Coombs’s book The Grief Journey is available from Booktopia and other outlets.

Take a look at my post about how an editor can help you. Then contact me for a chat about your requirements.