About me

I am a copywriter, journalist and editor with a wealth of experience. I love making words work and helping others to make their writing suit its purpose.

picture of Alison Hill smiling

Photo: Rose Bubbles Photography

I have a degree in journalism and a postgraduate diploma in editing and publishing.

My publishing career spans close on 30 years in roles that include commissioning editor, subeditor, journalist, course writer,  online content creator and print designer.

I work from my office in the beautiful Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia, although my first 40 years were spent in South Africa. On a clear day I can see the city over a sea of eucalypts.

When I’m not writing or editing, I’m either reading or doing yoga – sometimes simultaneously.  I love learning new things. Right now it’s woodwork and exploring the handcrafted mortise and tenon joint.

Contact me about help on your writing project.