Get rid of the lazy, overused words in your writing, and try some fresh alternatives

I was flipping through a free magazine from a well-known retailer and came across the lazy old word “boost” about 10 times in the first 25 pages. Boost motivation, boost fitness, boost energy — even our intake of broccoli needs a boost. It’s boring and has come to lack meaning.

You’ll never cut through using the same lazy, overused words as your competitors. Some words are overused to the point that they don’t mean anything or stick in your readers’ minds. Office jargon has been with us forever, but lately there seems to be more and more overuse in everyday writing. Lazy words don’t make your readers notice your unique offering.

So which overused words should you drop?

The 10 most overused words in copywriting, according to AI

I asked an AI tool to give me 10 most overused words in copywriting.

Here’s the alphabetical list:

Advanced, amazing, awesome, best, cutting-edge, easy, guaranteed, incredible, innovative, powerful, proven, results, revolutionary, revolutionise, solutions, transform, transformative, unique, valuable

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I’ll add a few words (in order of annoyance value) that I think are used way too much, and some easy alternatives.

boost — use improve, rise, lift, amplify, bolster, or raise instead

hydrate — just drink water

packed (with …) — full of, has plenty of, filled, crammed, loaded

inspiring — encouraging, stimulating, heartening, animating, thrilling, prompting

ritual — practice, habit, routine, procedure

must-have — essential, necessary, desirable

So if you don’t want to sound like you’ve written your post with ChatGPT or its multitude of offspring, try avoiding these and coming up with some fresh new descriptors. Try a thesaurus!

I can help you ditch the tired old words

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