Magical mystery word tour day 3: texpert

I wish I’d invented this word. The least I can do is help it to enter the English language. But truthfully I heard it while listening to Love, a Beatles remix created for Cirque du Soleil. It’s in a line from ‘I am the Walrus’.

Texpert: to be excellent at everything to do with words and writing.

Painting by Karl White Arts

A texpert is someone who has spent a long time immersed in the world of reading and writing, learning to use language to express meaning with originality and power, and to connect with their audience.

(Urban Dictionary thinks it’s someone who can text while driving. Just don’t.)

Texpert is a type of word known as a portmanteau – two words smushed together to make a new word. Text + expert = texpert. Others you might not recognise as portmanteaus are:

  • podcast (iPod + broadcast)
  • breathalyser (breath + analyser)
  • electrocute (electricity + execute)
  • glitz (glamour + Ritz)

But if you want to get your message out there and you’re not a word whizz – or texpert ­– you can always call on the services of an editor to make your words sing like John Lennon.

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