Need something new to make your writing sparkle?

Here’s a little-known, beautiful word to add to your lexicon

Solivagant – meaning to ramble alone; to be a solitary wanderer.

Solivagant comes from the Latin solus, meaning alone, and vagans, to wander.

Person walking alone on dunes to describe the meaning of solivagant
Photo: Matt Le, Unsplash

Solivagant carries echoes of soul, and vagrant, and vacant. So your character who loves to take long, introspective walks along lonely beaches or through dry grasslands, or to empty their mind of all thought while they wait for the big revelation might well be a solivagant.

Merriam-Webster cites this as an example of its use:

Long years had wept by rock and hill and glade,
To fields of asphodel, was seen no more
Solivagant, upon the Attic shore.

— New Statesman and Nation 11 November 1944

This could also be useful for travel writers. Personally, there’s nothing I love more when travelling than to be solivagant in an unfamiliar place.

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